"Louise is one of my most favourite people in the whole planet! Once you meet her, you will not want to go another week without having her in your life!"  Sally Morgan, Vocal Trainer , Author,  Former Board of Directors, New York Singing Teacher's Association
You have helped me learn to breathe again and taken the time to nurture me through Post Natal Depression and the others stresses of life and I look forward to coming every week - despite knowing I'm not that great a singer! 
A. Nicholson
Working with Louise Barton is an amazing experience! She is able to meet you where you are and help you get the most out of your gifts, as well as give you practical strategies to develop abilities you never knew you possessed. She walks alongside you through your journey, challenges you, teaches you, supports you and cheers you on. The best thing about having Louise as a mentor? She somehow manages to constantly do all of this in a strong and inspiring way that is full of grace and yet is still down to earth. Thank you Louise!
Angela H. 

"You have been a wonderful encouragement & inspiration to my twins. You have nurtured their creativity and brought them out of their shells. It's such a blessing for a Mother to see their children gain such confidence, and for that I can't thank you enough." 


Fiona M, Client

"You not only helped me to find and reconnect with my Authentic Voice, you've helped me gain the confidence I lacked before meeting you. Because of you I now have a clear vision and sense of direction with what I want to achieve next."  Madelyn H.
Dearest Louise,
I originally attended for 'just a few lessons' to sing at my wedding, but after those few lessons I felt such a confidence within myself starting to grow that I didn't want to give away. Singing makes me so happy and it is the only time that is free in my weekly routine for 'me'. Singing has created something unique about me in my life and with your guidance and support I have been able to achieve personal successes (including singing to my husband at our wedding). There is so much more to singing than words that come out of ones mouth - it is relaxing, brings out emotions (good and not so good) and invigorating. I feel so grateful to have found you, and feel so lucky to have made a friend in you!
Lots of Love, Michelle B.


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